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Author Rod Dreher visited Martin Saints Classical High School

Rod Dreher lecture at Martin Saints Classical High School

Around 300 people visited Martin Saints on November 3 to hear best-selling author Rod Dreher discuss his book The Benedict Option. Rod writes about how today's culture is changing, and how Christians should respond. In fact, he wrote a very thought article about how Martin Saints embodies what he thinks needs to be done.

To summarize briefly: Rod's talks and articles explain how western culture is secularizing fast, and that the roots of these changes are centuries old. In other words, what we're seeing in our culture today is not a passing phase, but a deep and profound change. To maintain our own fidelity and pass the faith on to the next generation, Catholic parishes and schools can't rely on business as usual. Today's cultural changes are a summons to be more deliberate and intentional about our discipleship. Christians need to be attentive in all areas of our life: church life and catechesis for sure, but also everyday things like the way we use technology, the way we approach work and leisure, or the way we think about sexuality and the body.

This is why we have Martin Saints. We teach the great books of Western Civilization because we see the fingerprints of God in these books. Our curriculum teaches the good, the true, and the beautiful. But more than that: we are also a family of families who have banded together to be faithful and pass along the Catholic faith. We do this not only through solid academics, but also through daily Mass and other regular devotions, outdoor adventures, cultural excursions, and the corporal works of mercy. Read more in our founding document and meet our extraordinary faculty.